Sony reportedly making PlayStation 5 with removable disc drive

A PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive is reportedly in the works by Sony for launch around September next year.

The report, by Insider Gaming, suggests the console will otherwise have near-identical hardware to current PS5 models, with the only difference being the removable drive itself, and an extra USB-C port for it to plug in.

There’s also the suggestion this new console will be sold both on its own and with the detachable disc drive included.

Why would Sony do this when it already has two PS5 models on the market, and one already without a disc drive? Depending on how this model is marketed and introduced, it may make a lot of sense.

As production costs for the PS5 are on the rise – and Sony decides to pass on these costs to the consumer – the company is likely looking at ways to streamline its manufacturing process.

Focusing on a single PS5 model going forwards – with the option of an additional drive for those who want it – makes sense and could cut costs of having two more separate production lines.

As the video games industry continues to transition away from physical media, a focus on a discless model as standard would also make sense – with the additional drive an extra you can pay for if you so choose.

Finally, the option would also likely act as a point of differentiation between Sony and Microsoft, which only offers a discless version of its latest consoles in the Xbox Series S, which is underpowered when compared to its Series X bigger brother.

Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment.